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Customer Testimonials

 "Darwin did a great job with the supplies and the time he had. The stairs look amazing! Job well done.


"Very neat job and clean up was extremely thorough.

                                  Karen F

"Oliver Colin was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I love how he came to me for approval on the amount of orange peel he put on the ceiling, it was perfect the first time with the small patch he showed me. Upon completion, it was exactly what I wanted. Please give him a promotion and a raise.

                                                 Joy, Debra
"The gentleman was very nice. He had to do this repair on a very cold day. Anyone willing to on such a cold day as today gets my note. I thanked him but I will say thank you again for coming on such a cold day like this to work outside. He did a job good.

                                               Pauline N